Right Here. Right Now.

I have to say I'm quite thankful for this "Instagram" world we live in. I've documented so many moments that would have been quickly forgotten. And they are moments that I treasure now. 

One example is a trend that's been happening lately - the "drop everything and take a selfie" craze. 

Recently, I got my dream haircut. I was so excited when I got in my car I "dropped everything and took a selfie." I had to document how I looked right then. Of course, I used the May 'In The Moment' kit from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

I truly believe that capturing those moments can be so fun to look back at later. I like to look at the photos together so I can see how I've changed, as well.

I loved using the emoji stickers on this page. Especially because I wanted to give an ode, in a way, to Instagram and the social media world. 

Now stop reading this and go take a selfie. Grab our kit and record about that moment. Right here. Right now.