Wonderful Indeed

Stop what you're doing. 

Just stop. Yep. Stop reading this and go grab and a writing utensil and paper. 

Answer this question - "How are you feeling right now?"

Answer it honestly!

This is the premise of the page I'm sharing today. I wanted to record how I was feeling about myself right at that moment. Truth be told, I've been feeling pretty good about myself lately. A lot of it has to do with the health journey I'm on. A new found confidence has come over me as I begin to feel healthier, more energetic and GOOD. 

I pulled the bright colors in the kit. The pattern papers by WRMK. The movement of the lines and the pops of color exude confidence to me. So, that' show I used it.
I also experimented a lot with the Gelato by Faber Castell and some other paint drips.

Lots of arrows to bring the focus to me and the playful polka dots always exude confidence to me. If you wear a polka dot dress... I say you're confident! And can probably rock it out! 

Now that you have taken that moment to write down how you are feeling, grab an In The Moment kit and use the fabulous product to record your emotions and thoughts. And have fun doing it!