I am His

Happy Sunday!

I am sharing a page using the June kit I AM from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

Lately, I've been writing a lot about identity. I have the honor of teaching women at my church and it's a joy to walk with them as they embrace who they are and who they were created to be.

This has had me recalling moments in my life where I struggled with who I was. Because I was having a hard time, I experimented with all sorts of labels and even embraced labeling myself based on some bad things that happened to me. The past several years have been a time of much growth and healing. I'm happy to say that those things in my past, do not define me. They don't make me who I am. Because of my faith, I've got something bigger and more amazing to cling to.

I had to incorporate hearts (self-care) and the butterfly (could there BE any better symbolism?)

I wanted the letters on top to be large and bold as a way to declare how I interpret my identity.
The bottom has lots of flowy movement... almost to mimic the pattern in the paper on the right side.

I love all the little details in this kit that helped me complete my page. From the glittery arrows to the hearts and pearls... I loved using the icons that did such an amazing job symbolizing me and recording my heart. 

I always feel like I took myself through a wonderful therapy session when creating my pages. There is something symbolic when it comes to taking out what is in my head and putting it out there on paper. With ink. Glued. To stand the test of time.

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