I Am on a Journey

Hello everyone,

Since the beginning of March I've been on a bit of a health revolution. Basically, I got tired of feeling like crap. I got tired of being fat and feeling like a glutton. I felt lazy and like time was just passing me by. I do not want to live life that way!

So, on March 1 I, along with a few friends, did the Whole30. I began to exercise more, walk with purpose, lift weights and worked on strengthening my core. I learned more about food and how my body reacts to certain foods. I learned that feeling healthy and amazing is more important than losing inches.

I had to record a page about this journey using the June kit I Am from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

The photo on this page is from my very first 5K. While it's not a huge distance to some, it was a big deal for me. Where I live, we've got lots of hills and rough neighborhood roads.

I did it, though. And I felt so good when I finished. I still remember the emotion that came over me when I saw the "Finish Line" sign. Holy cow.

Since that time, I've continued eating the same way and my body loves  me for it. I've watched inches disappear and so many other good things happen. The latest was jean shopping and buying TWO sizes smaller than the size I was wearing. WHA???

I used the diction and word stickers to do my journaling. I love the look and I love how they exude exactly what I want to say.  I grabbed a doily from my stash to back the journaling. 

I am on a journey to health and loving every minute of it!