Be Someone's Sunshine

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

I am here, sharing with you another page created with the beautiful SHINE kit.

If there is one thing about my personality that I embrace, it's the optimistic side of me. I can always see the glass half full. I'm constantly seeing the good in people and I have a positive perspective on almost every situation.

I think, because of this characteristic, I truly enjoy brightening someone elses day. If I have a friend who is feeling blue or if someone is exuding negative juju... I love challenging that...

Lemme bring a little sunSHINE into your life.

I was immediately drawn to the lemons in this kit. Of course, the quote "when life gives you lemons... you make.." everybody say it!!! "LEMONADE!" And then, you drink it and enjoy it. YUM! This quote is a favorite of mine, for obvious reasons, and I wanted to figure out a way to utilize it on a page.

Then, I found that quote. "Be Someone's Sunshine When Their Skies Are Grey." 

And then we all started to sing... you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Bringing the two together and utilizing the citrus-y colors from the kit, I teamed it together with a special photo of me. That photo is me wearing some pink for a dear friend who was battling breast cancer. It was an honor to be on her team. It felt empowering and I loved being there to support my friend during a "grey" time in her life. 

The good news? The cancer is gone! Woooo! 

Being a positive light in someone's life is so encouraging... for both parties. I know I always feel joyful and have a lightness in my step. It's a beautiful thing to be that sunSHINE.

So, SHINE ON! Be someone's sunshine on their grey day. It can make all the difference.