Dream Sparkle Shine

Hi everyone!

Sometimes, I go onto Pinterest and look up quotes that pertain to the monthly themes at Inside Out Visual Journaling. I do this when my brain just isn't doing a very good job thinking up good journaling. 100% of the time, a quote jumps out at me. It's exactly what I need to read at the right time.

I found this quote: Dream Big. Sparkle More. Shine Bright.

I love that! I'm such an optimist and dreamer that, after reading that, I got a little giddy and couldn't wait to record my thoughts about it on a page.

My personality is an ENFP. That's from the Myers-Briggs personality test. I've taken it many times in different ways and always get the same result. My personality is one that shines, naturally. It can't be helped. And I love it! I'm an extrovert to the core. I love people and I love being around them. So, it's easy for me to shine around others! 

I decided that this newfound quote was going to become my mantra. Because, let's face it, even though my personality is a positive and exuberant one, we are all human. I still go through moments of depression or angst. And, I can get very dramatic. It goes both ways. The positive and the not so positive. Ha! 

I used a cut file for the backdrop of this page to symbolize sparkle. It reminded me of how the sun sparkles on top of water. 

Hey, did you know we have a Pinterest board each month for our kits? It's a great place to go for some added inspiration. Head over and I hope you can gain some inspiration, like I did, for this journaling page! 

Thanks for joining me here today!