Radiate Joy

Hi everyone,

Today I am sharing, with you, a page I created using the July kit Shine from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

The theme of this kit intrigued me. Mostly because there are so many ways one can approach this. So, in my usual ways, I jotted down a bunch of phrases pertaining to shine and my inner world:

- shine from within
- light
- reflection
- brilliance
- radiate

Radiate caught my attention. So, then I began the thought process of, "What is it that I radiate?" "What do I think I should radiate?"

Something I hear, time and time again, is that I'm a joyful person. I'm optimistic and I radiate JOY.

A Ha!

I do tend to agree with that and I love that part of my personality.

I did something quite purposeful with this page. It still makes me nervous but, I'm sticking with it! The title is placed over my face because, I want to symbolize how my JOY is something I want people to notice first. It isn't something blocking me or getting in my way... but, it is something that I embrace about myself and I love sharing WHY I have that joy deep within.

How perfect is the sentiment on that vellum piece? TOO perfect! Right??? 

There is a lot to be joyful about lately and it was fun to record this. The journal is hidden since I had a lot to say but you can read it here...

My journaling is mostly focusing on the moments when I don't feel joyful. I really do know that I'm a positive person, overall but, sometimes those moments of feeling stressed and not so joyful come up. Because, well let's face it, we live in an imperfect world and that's how it is. But, I still here from others how calm and joyful I seem... even while on the inside I'm feeling knots and twists and all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. 

I really do love that! And after thinking about this page some more, I LOVE an embrace this part of my personality!

So, what do YOU radiate? Record it with one of our kits! Grab yours HERE.