Real Life

A dream was placed in my heart several years ago. My restless heart that always has to be on the go! I had visited Chicago multiple times and, each time I left, a little piece of me stayed.

Well, that dream finally became a reality in 2012. I sold my car and all my furniture. Packed the rest of my life into 4 boxes and 3 pieces of luggage and moved across the country. I didn't have a job but, did have a place to live. 

I still can't believe it happened.

During the months leading up to the move, I created many pages about my thoughts. I'm sure people were getting annoyed with how much I talked and created about Chicago. 

Chicago. Chicago. Chicago.

But, it was that big of a deal to me at the time. HUGE in fact. And, a big move is a pretty significant life turning point. 

I survived the big city for two years. I lived in a neighborhood called Logan Square and worked downtown. I walked among the skyscrapers, ate Chicago pizza and became a local. I mastered the Chicago Transit system and got annoyed with people who said they lived in Chicago but, actually lived in a suburb. (No, it's not the same thing!) I lived through major storms and even experienced a few tornado warnings. I learned the Chicagoans do not deal with the rain quite as relaxed as I do and cab drivers are crazy. I became a Blackhawks fan and will remain one as long as I like hockey.

It was an amazing time as a dream of mine became reality.

I was definitely living my dream.

I loved the mask included with this kit! I love the arrows and directional symbolism they give the layout. I liked using them for bits of journal type words and to show how actually getting off your tushy and moving is what makes your dreams come true.

I will say, sometimes the reality of our dreams are not how we envision them. Chicago ended up blowing my mind. I grew in my character and found out how much more I'm capable of. I still love that city and am so thankful for the experience.

However, sometimes dreams and reality shift. I've been back in my pacific northwest hometown for a little over a year now. I'm so happy to be back and have some incredible memories to ponder from my two years as a big city girl. 

What about you? What dreams are you or have you made reality? Why not grab the current Inside Out Visual Journaling kit LIVE YOUR DREAM and create about it! Your heart and soul will thank you.