Grow Up!

I'm going to vent for a minute... 

I am so tired of people thinking that if someone is quiet, demure, poised or soft-spoken then they are so very mature. 

If you are loud, goofy, a bit of a slouch (because you kind of don't care), and maybe forget to say please then, that means you are immature.


Okay so, here is the deal.. I went through a period of time when I was a personality test junky. It started with the Myers-Briggs test and went from there. When I received my result (ENFP), and read the description, I was floored. And so very excited! 

Do you want to know why?

It revolutionized how I view myself. 

Yes, I'm loud. Yes, I'm a bit of a goof. Yes, I don't always sit up in my chair. NO, I really don't like to wear dresses but will if I have to. No, I don't like to be alone and yes, I love being the center of attention!

But, according to the ENFP personality profile, that is exactly how I should be and I am not immature. 

So there! Nyah. Bleh. Poo on you!

(Yeah, okay that was immature.)

What I'm trying to get at is, I feel empowered with who I am and can confidently get past others when they tell me to grow up. 

I am grown up. I have a job. Live on my own. Pay my bills. Drive myself where I need to go. Have moved away twice and did some big things on my own. I can have a deep conversation and I love sharing what I have learned from life. 

I chose to do a tilted design to showcase my defiance and love to stir things up. :) I also chose a lot of different patterns together and the alpha was too perfect.

Are you confident with your personality and who you are? Can you relate at all? Sometimes us ENFP's are so very misunderstood, aren't we?