Week of Thanks {Day 4}

Happy Thanksgiving!

The day is here. It's the day that school is closed, most businesses are closed and people are spending time with those who are special to them. This has me thinking, though, about those who dread this holiday season. There are many reasons... but, I know the reality is that there are many who find this time of year depressing. They see people enjoying family and friends while they go at it alone - dealing with whatever it is in their life. We all have different stories and backgrounds and I don't have any advice or anything other than some encouragement... you aren't really alone. God is by your side. There are people ready to be there and to walk you through whatever it is. 

But, mostly, it really has me being thankful for all God has granted me. I can't take it for granted. I can, and should, rejoice and give Him praise because all that He has done. I could easily be alone. But, I'm not. So with much thanksgiving, I have joy in that!

And here is another card... it's not a Thank You card... it's a You're Wonderful card. Because you are. I hope you know that. :)

Supplies: Paper: Maggie Holmes, Cardstock: Pop-Tone (The French Paper Company), Foam sentiment: American Crafts, Wood veneer: Studio Calico, Flower: Michaels, Spray Ink: Jen Hadfield, Cut file: Just Nick Studio

I love cut files and utilizing them in unique ways. This heart cut file was leftover from another project (revealed tomorrow) where I used it as a mask. I loved it and I knew I had to use it on a card or something. It layered beautifully over that blue pattern paper. So homey!

And that wraps up my Week of Thanks! Thank you so much for joining me. It was a joy to get back into blogging with intention. I love sharing my creativity and melding it with my writing and sharing life. Go hug someone special and tell them how thankful you are for them!