Bible Art Journaling

Hello, hello!

I've always been intrigued with the Bible journaling trend that has sky rocketed this past year. While I don't have a journal Bible, I do have my watercolor paper and plenty of mixed media supplies. So, I decided that I would utilize what I know, and love, with mixed media and art journaling, and combine it with my worship. The two pages I am sharing with you, today, are lyrics from a couple of favorite worship songs. 

For the Your Love Never Fails page, I used my watercolor pants to create the drip background. Once that dried, I did some splatter and then, drew hearts with my gelatos. As a fun addition to help symbolize the fact I'm committing these lyrics and Psalm 136 to my life, I did some stitching around the heart shape. 

I absolutely love this song... You Make Me Brave by Bethel. Something that I've been feeling moved to share with others is that we are not held captive or slaves to our fears. The words like fear, worry and doubt are not from God. HIS words are love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and joy. When I first heard this song, I felt the tears welling up! He does make me brave. 

I so admire those who have mastered the skill of hand lettering. I have not. But, you know what? I'm all about keeping things real so, I'll be sharing my imperfect lettering with you all. 

For this page, I did lots of spritzing and then, used some modeling paste and stencil to create lots of texture. I sealed the deal with the washi tape. It adds some great color and rhythm to this page.

I'll be keeping these in a notebook to reflect on. I have a spot on my bookshelf to display a page every once in awhile too. 

Thanks for letting me share with you today and for swinging by!