Good Times | Mothers Day | Just Nick Studio

Hey everyone!

Can I just say how thankful I am that you take the time to come visit my little old blog? The other day I was feeling quite sorry for myself and, once again, figuring out my place in this paper crafting world. I'm not sure what prompts me to fall into the pit of comparison or placing unrealistic goals for myself but, man it can really skew things! 

I finally just sat down in my space and created because I wanted to. Not for anyone else. Not for my teams. Not for publications. Not because of an assignment. Not because I wanted to create more content. Not because I felt I was behind. Nope. I had some photos I loved and some product I loved and some awesome cut files to use! 

It's these projects I usually love the most. I don't care what anyone else thinks because these are for me and I actually enjoy taking the time to share how I created them. So, here we go with one of the layouts I made this weekend.  

It includes a gorgeous new cut file from Just Nick Studio called Botanical Beauty Background. Seriously, it's stunning! After hemming and hawing over what backdrop to use, I opted for a paper from Crate that had this interesting cubed ombre going on. 

For product, I used some leftovers from my February 'Hot Mess' kit from Clique Kits and some other items around my stash. The kit includes the Shine collection by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper and some other exclusive goodies.

I inked up the wood veneer arrow so it would be black. And I loved using this sheet of gold dotted vellum. It's a sheet I found at Michaels from their Recollections brand. So pretty! Vellum is a lot of fun to use with layering. By layering, it makes it easy to hide the adhesive. :) 

Finally, I had to include stitching. About a month, or so, ago I finally busted out the old sewing machine. It's taken me over a year to configure the layout of my little scrap area. I hated having to take things out and put them back. After I got the new set up done so that I don't have to do that with my Cameo or sewing machine, it sure is making life more easier and I'm using both a whole heck of a lot more! 

On a side note, I've noticed my style has changed. I don't think I can classify myself as "clean and simple" anymore. Although I'm not "messy and complicated" either... well, at least not when it comes to paper crafting. Ha! I'm thinking I'll call my style simple, layered and fun. Works, yeah? 

Hey, thanks for swinging by! 

P.S. Isn't my mom adorbs in those photos?