Enjoy the Little Things | Just Nick Studio

Hello all, 

It's amazing to me what I allow to zap my joy. 
As a woman, I fall victim to the comparison and competitive trap. 
Can you relate? Even when you know full well it's a trap and, it's one you have been in before, have felt the pain and yet, find yourself in it again?

Why is that ladies? Why do we put ourselves through it all? I truly believe it's a woman thing. 

At the moment, I've found myself falling victim to that comparison trap and, once again, questioning my abilities and such. And - again - I'm kicking my own toosh and reminding myself that it's all a mind game and that I should love and find JOY in all I do. 



Every thing. Down to the smallest, minute thing. 

As a believer in Jesus, this is something that I incorporate the simple, and smallest, blessings He has provided me. I truly believe that what I find JOY in doing, is a gift He has given me to honor Him. When that perspective comes back to the forefront of everything I do, I find that feeling of inadequacy, jealousy, "left-out-of-something-ness", exhaustion... it all falls away. 

I love utilizing scrapbooking as a visual way to journal my thoughts and feelings. For me, it's not just about recording events and milestones. It's a beautiful tool to record my emotions and what I'm going through. So, as I'm processing this whole thing, I created a page!

This page utilizes several of my favorite things, at the moment.

A couple of Just Nick cut files, of course, and the beautiful Attwell collection from Fancy Pants. This collection is so beautiful. I love everything about it. Every. Thing.

I love backing background cut files with patterned paper and wanted to take it a step further by mounting it on top of white cardstock with pop dots. The dimension is so cool, in person, and I hope it comes through in the photos somewhat.

The washi tape doesn't stay down without a little help but, that's okay. I left it sticking up just a bit because I like the messiness that portrays. When I create these "all the feels" pages, I like to incorporate symbolism. It can be "in your face" symbolism or, it can be something as small as how I place an embellishment. And it will be something only I understand.


Well, thanks for sticking with me and allowing me to, not only share this page with you but, also my "shtuff". Haha! I want to get this blog back to its original intention - sharing my personal story, faith, journey with you all through the scrapbook page. I want to show you how you can still create those wonderful event and milestone pages but, also utilize this amazing art form by recording your personal life and story. It really is healing! No matter your religious background or whatever... it's so good for the soul. 

Want to grab those cut files I used? Here are the names with the link: