I Am Simply Me

Hello, hello!

I'm sharing a page today that's all about ME! I love showcasing how you can utilize all the amazing things this industry has to offer and use it to document your thoughts, emotions, life-stages and even as a personal vent session. SO therapeutic!

For this page, I documented an event that I never would have thought myself capable of doing. In fact, I'm doing something, in the photo, that use to have me trembling. Public speaking was something I tried to run away from. I still remember sitting in class, in high school, sweating profusely just hearing the word "speech" or "presentation". UGH! Even into college I would get nervous. So nervous. And look for ways to skip out.

Alas, even in my nervous state of mind, I remember not completely hating it when I was in the moment. If I felt confident, and believed in what I was sharing, I usually got through it okay. To top it off, I would usually receive positive feedback from my teachers and peers. Say whaaaaat?

Now, years later, I'm in a role that has me shoved in front of others. It has me sharing more, being open more and speaking in front of a lot of women. And men, I suppose. But, my focus is women. As the Womens' Ministry Director at my church, I have an opportunity to share my story with others. The goal is that other women would feel empowered with their own story as a way to share about the hope they have in Jesus.

So, naturally, because I am a "me" scrapper, I had to document this moment. My first time speaking at a women's conference, in front of many women. And I think I did okay. The most important thing, I was myself. I was simply me.

I decided to have lots of fun with this page. Sticking with the "story" this page is telling, I wanted it to be bright and full of lots of LIFE. Lots of texture. Lots of movement. While the colors aren't crazy, the pops of pinks and reds and the GOLD give it life. Plus, the I AM collection from Simple Stories was beyond perfect for what I wanted to record.

I love that paper in the background that has all the "i am" phrases. I chose that, purposefully, as a backdrop. I want those mantras, shaped by my faith, to be the foundation of all I seek out to do. All those moments when I step out of my comfort zone; trusting God's plan. 

Whether you share my faith or not, I hope that you can see how wonderful it is to choose a moment in your life and record it on a scrapbook page. I have books FILLED with pages about me and I love looking back at them. Some of them I cringe at because I remember that moment in life or maybe I laugh because of how I created a page. Ha. But, I'm never going to change them because they reflect who I was... and am... perfectly.

Thanks for allowing me to share! Have a great weekend!