Be The Change | Visual Journal

Hello friends,

I've been on such a card making spree but, wanted to share a page I created last month, just for me. In the midst of all the racial tension that has been happening, it caused me to look inward. My natural instinct was to create a layout and journal my thoughts. I wanted to use a collection with plenty of color and pattern to exude my thoughts and viewpoint on all that is happening in my country.

Here is the result...

The Story
I'm never silent about my faith. I am a Christian who loves Jesus, who reads and believes in what the Bible has to say and I use it to shape my morals and values. I rarely get into politics and such with others, especially on Facebook, because I know where I stand and I just choose to not get into it using that platform. I'd rather sit down with you and have some coffee... share our stories and, if the conversation were to flow that way, I would hope it would be something filled with love and mutual respect. I always appreciate hearing others viewpoint and how they came to believe what they believe. I am a firm supporter that it can help shape who I am and how I view the world... with my faith as the foundation.

I feel like this nation is so inundated with politics, racial issues and the like. People want to be heard. They want others to listen and support them. I truly believe people just want to feel loved and listened to. I hope that I can be that ear. Without giving a sermon or trying to convince you to accept Jesus as your Savior, I do want to share about a Bible verse that has me challenged, and also cringing when I see some of my Christian brothers and sisters spouting out stuff on social media... James 1:19 says "My brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry". 

Gosh, if we would just listen to one another more, imagine how much we could work through??? 

I'm so thankful for so many different friends from many different ethnicities. I love that I have friends of all different skin color, eye color, hair color, accent, and language. I'm thankful for my black, hispanic, european, asian, native american, and caucasian friends. I love that we are all created uniquely and that we all have something special to bring to this world. We are all created with different talents and ideas and different strengths. It should be celebrated! We should support one another and find ways to lift one another up and encourage each other. 

Wow, I wasn't expecting this to get so long but, I guess you can tell it's something I've been thinking about a lot. And, this is what I use scrapbooking for... my visual journal to just get it all out. If you made it through all that... you are awesome and I appreciate you!

Now... onto the design stuff!

I used the Happy Place collection from Fancy Pants because, number one, it's gorgeous, and number two, it had the variety of color and pattern I wanted. 

I used lots of cut files with this too. First, the background is a Just Nick cut file called Broken Mirror Background. The flower that is backing the photo is one from my Silhouette library. I created the title work with fonts and my Silhouette design studio. 

While I love to layer lots of colors and such, I also love these background cut files that still allow me to get lots of color and pattern but not overwhelm the design.

I love the tags from the Attwell collection by Fancy Pants too. The shade of blue went well with the blue in the paper collection and it worked perfect for what I wanted to record. That wood veneer is from Shop Evalicious. 

The butterflies were punched with a Martha Steward punch I had and the brads are from a very old My Minds Eye collection. I can't remember what it was called as I had taken them off the paper long ago! The colors matched so perfectly!

Whew! Thanks so much for swinging by! I hope that, regardless of the exact topic I'm addressing with this page that, you feel inspired to also use scrapbooking to record your thoughts, hopes and dreams!