My Crew {Shimelle & CliqueKits}

Oh hey friends!

Man, it has been OVER a month since I last blogged. 

And I'm okay with that. 

Truth be told, my priority has been on social media lately. The reason is because... well, I'll be honest. Time and desire. There was a time when I was always eager to share on my blog because I knew it was read and people interacted. Now, not so much. Plus, time. It takes time to thoughtfully type out meaningful content for a blog post. If I'm going to take the time to share something here, I want to make sure I include some good text to go along with it. Because, I'm assuming since you are reading here, you want more information as opposed to a simple photo. 

Am I right? 

So, if you stop by and read this blog post, could you just leave me a little comment below that lets me know a couple of things? 1) You're reading it. 2) What you want in a blog post. How detailed do you want me to get? 

Alright, now on to the content! I am STILL digging through my March kit from Clique Kits. That happens a lot with these kits. So much awesome product that I continue to sift through it over days and weeks and months. I loved the March kit because it had Shimelle's Little by Little collection in it. SUCH a fun collection and my favorite from her so far. I'm going to share some close ups as I share my process with the final photo being shared last. Hope you don't mind. :)

Let's talk about My Crew. Yes, you are probably here because you want to see how I created the page and all that but, I think the content is equally important. The who, what, when, where and why. I mean, that is WHY we scrapbook, isn't it? To preserve the memories, to record information and document something special so we can go back and remember. That's what I do anyway. And one of those things I love to document are the people that make up my "crew". My village. My family. I love taking time to create a page that focuses on one of my tribe and just celebrate how special they are to me. 

OF COURSE it always helps to have awesome product to create with. While my style is on the clean and simple side (with moments of artsy and fun thrown in), I love adding in tiny details. Things that you might have assumed were part of the product but, were actually little things I added. Such as the strip of hearts on that typewriter and the paper I placed under the wooden heart. Little things that might not mean much to someone else but, I'll notice them later and know that I added them with purpose. 

And the full reveal. I've loved the look of this overall composition on other pages and I wanted to try it out. The triangular motion and rhythm is so fun as it draws your eye to the middle. I did some heavy embellishment clusters near the photo to help with solidifying the focal point. Also, it adds color and texture. 

Hey, thanks for reading through today and joining me. I hope you DO take time to answer my questions. 

This page was created using the March PLAY kit from Clique Kits featuring Shimelle's Little by Little collection. Use code melissa10 to save yourself 10%.