Behold Your King Has Come


We live in a world that is focused on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. From commercials to ads to the gazillion parties that seem to appear, it is easy for this sacred season to fill up with lots of things to keep us busy. Sometimes, we become so busy we fail to stop and reflect on what this season is all about. It doesn't always happen on purpose. 

This has happened to me over the years and I wanted to pause. 

Christmas is a sacred and holy time of year when we reflect on the greatest miracle - God coming to earth as baby Jesus. 

Why would He do that? 

Why would He choose to come to us this way when we definitely do not deserve it? 

His unconditional love goes far beyond what our human minds can comprehend. What I do know is I wanted to be intentional during this time of year. Thus, Behold Your King was born. What began as a personal devotional turned into a little devotional that I would share with some friends. Here we are and it has now turned into a publication! Wow! 

It is my prayer that, no matter what Christmastime brings for you and no matter the year or circumstances contributing to our way of life, that this devotional would breathe life into your time with Jesus. 

Behold...your King has come! 

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