Advent Week Three


It is week three of Advent. 

Is the anticipation building up? Let's put ourselves in Mary's shoes this week. Mary is someone I would love to meet and have a conversation with. From having a visit from the angel, to carrying the Son of God and being His earthly mother, it brings up a ton of questions I have for her. I feel like there is so much missing from scripture to give me details like:

Mary, how was your life before this visit? Was it as shocking as we are led to believe? Were you already in a special relationship with God and were somewhat expecting it? You know, shocked a bit but not completely taken off guard. Because, your response seems so calm and faithful. 

Mary, what was going through your mind as you told Joseph about what the angel told you? Was it an overwhelming sense of peace? Was your faith so rock solid that you had no doubts or fear of what his reaction might be? Knowing that a woman who was pregnant out of wedlock could be stoned, what was going on in your mind at the time? Were nervous? 

Mary, how about when you held Jesus in your arms that first night? I hear so many stories from friends about that special moment of holding their newborn for the first time. Their hearts are so full of love and the emotions and exhaustion from giving birth spill over into all sorts of emotional reactions to their sweet baby. What was it like knowing that was JESUS? What was it like knowing that this was the SAVIOR, prophesied about many years prior? 

Mary, when you read the book of Isaiah after Jesus was born, did you skim over those words that talked about you multiple times? I can only imagine the awe that would sweep over me as I read them knowing they were talking about ME. Was that how you felt? 

Mary, what was it like watching Jesus grow up and become a man? You know He was unique to other boys. Especially when you thought you lost Him, only to find out He had remained to teach. How crazy was that for you??? Were you tongue tied a bit? Humbled? Not sure how to respond or what to do? Or were you reminded of Who this child was and accepted the situation?

Oh so many questions for Mary and this is just a few! I want to sit with her and soak in her story and listen to her share. I want to see her face as she ponders, and remembers. I want to see the anguish, the excitement, the awe and wonder and the humble acknowledgement of what God had called her to do. 

If you, dear reader, are a mom of a boy, have you ever looked at him and put yourself in Mary's shoes? Imagine that your son is Jesus. Does your heart leap at the thought? Or do you think, "thank goodness God chose Mary!" (I would probably be the latter... haha). 

This week, let's continue to soak in this beautiful, awe-filled and wonderous time of year that is filled with so much anticipation. We know that Christmas is not the end of the story. Jesus didn't come to Earth to just spend time with us. He came to die a gruesome death on our behalf. Don't let the twinkly lights and sugar cookies dull this time of year for you. Don't let the fact that many of us are not able to do all the traditions we have always done this year "ruin" your Christmas. Jesus was still born. He still lived and did His earthly ministry. And He still died for us. For you. For me. All because of love. 


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