Advent Week Two


Week Two of Advent

Any other year, this time would be filled with hustle and bustle. From parties, to Christmas programs to shopping, you know full well your calendar would be hopping! What an interesting season to be in. Often, I find myself reflecting on how surreal it all is. Who knew I would be living through a pandemic? This is only something that happened in my history books, not while I am living and breathing! I'm sure I'm not alone when I confess how challenging it has been. 

This year it is more difficult to get into the usual holiday excitement when most of what I usually do, can't be done or, at least can't be done the way I usually have done it in the past! Because of that, I find it even more important to be intentional with our time this Advent season and really dig deep into what this time of year is about. 

If you are following along in my devotional book, Behold Your King Has Come, this week had us thinking about those moments when we feel knocked down. There was an opportunity to explore Joseph and the incredible step of faith he took to not allow shame or harm come to Mary. Her situation (being pregnant and not married) held grave consequences for her. In those days, women could be stoned and I love that Joseph thought to separate from her discreetly. Thankfully, the angel appeared to him, as well, and we know the rest of the story. 

Can you think of anyone else, in scripture, who would give their life for you? Read John 3:16-17, Acts 4:12, Matthew 1;21 and Romans 5:8. Jesus came to earth to give His life for us. His life is a gift to us all. On that one evening that probably began like any other, Jesus arrived and fulfilled prophecy. What an amazing gift to us that we should cherish on the daily. 

Take a moment today to kneel in His presence and tell Him thank you. That's all you need to say. "Thank you". (If you can't physically kneel, sitting is quite alright.)

The Advent Wreath

If you are including the Advent wreath in your reflection time, it is the week to light both the Prophecy candle and the Bethlehem candle. The Bethlehem candle symbolizes "faith" and the manger. Read Luke 2:12. 

Remember, this should be more than just a ritual. Don't go through the motions. Take time to pause and invite the Holy Spirit into this time, asking for discernment and understanding as you pray, worship and reflect during this holy time. 

Song for Contemplation

Free Printable

If you like to add framed graphics, verses, sayings to your holiday decor, please enjoy this FREE printable for you. Depending on the device you are on, simply right click to save to your computer or tab and hold on your mobile device. Print on photo paper for best quality, trim and frame. This graphic will work best as a 8x10 print.

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