About Me

  • I am a Christian who strives to exemplify the same love, grace, forgiveness and truth that Jesus has shown me. Each day, as I stumble through life, I still can't believe He finds me worthy of being His daughter. Welcome to my messy life.
  • I love Football and the Seattle Seahawks. #gohawks
  • I am ENFP. This means I love people and can get a little nutty. Squirrel!
  • I love creating and singing. Both are equally important to me.
  • I could eat tacos everyday. Erry.... day... 
  • You might find me, while cleaning and doing chores, busting out some dance moves listening to 90's hip hop. Ice ice baby.... 
  • I drink an iced mocha everyday. Well, it's adapted for my eating habits... coconut milk and a dollop of cocoa powder. Yum!
  • My life is not just paper crafting. I teach full time as a PreK teacher. I am the Women's Ministry Director at my church
  • I love to travel. Airports are fun for me. (ENFP!!!)
  • I am a clean eating, health conscience gal. My journey began March 2015 and it's been a glorious one. I have cut out sugar, dairy, msg, gluten and legumes. Mostly, I focus on not having sugar and dairy but have found, since eliminating the other stuff, my health has skyrocketed. I love feeling good and eating right and exercise have become a passion.  I do allow a cheat night, here and there, for a brewksy or glass of vino.  
  • I love movies. Romantic comedies, sci-fi, historical, drama... pretty much all kinds except for the ones that make me think too much. Movies are meant to entertain. 
  • I am from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I've lived in Chicago and Guatemala but, nothing compares to this majestic place. I love my hometown and I plan to stick around for awhile. 

A little bit more about the blog name:

The Profound Brunette is kind of a "tongue in cheek" name. I came up with it years ago when blogs were just beginning to gain popularity. My posts were not related to what I do now. Instead, I posted daily (or weekly) thoughts. When brainstorming for a name, I checked out other blog names. Some included hair colors, some included the word profound or wise, etc. I came up with The Profound Brunette. After much giggling, I left it that way when others said it was perfect. And we all kept giggling. And it has stuck.