Card Classes

Attention Whatcom and 
Skagit County Residents!

If you love "date and paint" or "wine and paint" nights with your gal pals, you are going to love this as well! Imagine an evening, or afternoon, with a few of your friends; enjoying some wine and appetizers and then, sitting down for a wonderful time of card making! By the time we are done, you will be leaving with three beautiful cards YOU created! You can expect a warm, and hospitable environment (either my home or yours) and detailed instructions that still leave enough room for your own creativity. 

Here are the details:

Cost $20/$25 per person.

Includes: all materials needed to create the cards. (Does not include the "three essentials" - scissors, trimmer and glue. Participants will need to bring their own. I will have a limited supply of extras should someone not own something.) Special note: Sometimes we might be using a special tool or adhesive and I will have that supplied. 

There are TWO class options with different prices. 
Please take a look below at the two options:

Option 1:
Card Class ONLY
Host will provide food and beverages if desired
$20 per student/participant

Option 2:
Card Class with Wine & Appetizers
I will provide a wonderful experience for you and your friends.
Food, wine and all the trimmings are included.
$25 per student/participant
*Please note all classes at my home will include the option 2 price.

Registration Link and Card Class Choices COMING SOON!