who is enough?

If you have any presence on social media, whether it be Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, you probably read a lot of quotes and inspirational sayings that point toward the phrase “You Are Enough”. It isn’t a terrible saying or thought. In fact, the premise of it is quite reassuring. Its focus is the fact that you don’t have to do more, or be more, or buy more to be who you were meant to be. Many of the latest posts, and such, say things like you don’t have to strive to become more worthy, more valid, more acceptable, more loved. You are already all these things. The messy and broken. The imperfect. It seems to be birthed out of the lofty expectations that come from carefully curated and styled photos of ladies, doing life, on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s easy to measure ourselves against these “real life” photos and begin to think we “aren’t enough”. I know I have!

But here is the thing that is missing from this “I Am Enough” phrase. There is a KEY person we need to add to this mix because we truly aren’t complete, or enough, without HIM. I’m sure you know where I’m going here and, yes, I’m talking about my main man Jesus.

Recently, I posted on Facebook my confession of not being a fan of a certain self-help/life coach celebrity lady, the self-help/self-care approach to life and the phrase “you are enough”. For the most part, the comments were positive and in support. I did get one that challenged me a bit but, after we chatted, it was revealed we were just approaching the subject from different perspectives and, at the end of the day, we agreed.

I realize that the "celebrity", and many other ladies from the self-help/self-care arena, are simply reminding us ladies that we do matter, and we do have permission to care for ourselves. And, we should! But, as believers, we also need to add one more extremely important component. Jesus. Jesus at the center of it all. Jesus the stronghold of our life. Jesus our Savior, our friend, our healer, our provider.

When we add Him in, we realize that we are not enough without Him. Yes, it is imperative that we care for ourselves but, what does that care look like? A spa day? Weekend away? Hubby doing the chores for the weekend so you can go rest somewhere? Manis and pedis? I’m about to write something here and, I just want you to bear with me. Don’t stop reading, okay? And don’t get mad. Nowhere in scripture does it say, “Thou shalt take a day to self-care at the spa.” I know that is quite literal but, here is the thing, scripture does tell us to take a Sabbath. In fact, we are commanded to! Exodus 20:8-11 Isaiah 58:13-14 Hebrews 4:9-11This Sabbath time is Holy and should be intentional. While indulging in a spa day isn’t altogether terrible, the focus should always be on deepening your relationship with Jesus. I like to think of it as a coffee date with Him. Digging into scripture. Worshiping. Praying. Intentionality is the key word when it comes to our Sabbath. We are taking a rest from the busy tasks of the week, from our ministry assignments and such to rest in God’s power and strength. To “refill” if you will. And, this is so key to making sure our “tank is full”. Perhaps you have heard that phrase before. In order for a car to keep going, you need to make sure it has a full tank of gas and that the proper maintenance is happening. The same holds true for us. Our vessel (our mind, soul and body) needs care and rest. That is the way God designed us and commanded us. So, yes, rest is important but, it should be intentional and always placing Jesus first! And you can keep having that mani/pedi or spa day. Absolutely! But while doing so, thank God for feet to bring good news and serve and a body that does what God created it to do.

Here is the other component to this whole “I am Enough” phrase. I’d like to challenge us all to replace “I” with “Jesus”. Why? Because we are so holy and need to replace everything with Jesus? Hmmm… maybe but, the true reason is because the phrase “I Am Enough” places us in a spot that I believe Jesus needs to be placed. What seems to happen when we say, “I Am Enough”, is the emphasis is placed on us and what we are capable of. While we can speak to our capabilities, we also need to remember the source of those capabilities and it is not by our own merit. God created us so, it makes sense to say that HE is the source. HE is who sustains us. HE is the one who designed us for a specific purpose. Therefore, HE is enough. He is our portion. Our stronghold. Our mighty God and creator. We can say we are enough because HE is enough. Without Him, His strength, His mercy and grace, His guidance, His wisdom… we become tired. We become frustrated because we try to control it all. We strive for goals we were never meant to achieve. And, man, is it exhausting!

Let’s make an agreement today. We’re going to begin saying “Jesus is Enough”. This doesn’t diminish us. It simply places Him back in His proper place. He is the priority. He is first. And when we do that, the pressure falls off. Yes? Let’s do that! Jesus is enough. And because of that truth, we can say, sure, we are enough too but, not without HIM!
Proverbs 3:5-6 Philippians 4:16 1 Peter 5:7 Hebrews 4:16 Philippians 4:4-7 Psalm 121:1-8
Matthew 11:28-30 1 Chronicles 16:11

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